Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue are introducing legislation that would over the next decade cut legal immigration in half.  They are modeling their legislation after the same mode and method of Canada and Australia.  Already the legislation, not even sent out to a vote, is causing an uproar among the left.  They automatically hear the word “cut” and that triggers their emotions and there is no room for discussion or debate.  On the surface it might sound bad, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty then there some strong components of the law.  It is a merit based plan that would require those coming into this country to have to know English and to be able to demonstrate that they can provide for themselves.  I am in favor of this kind of law.  The government should not support people in a welfare situation for an extreme period of time and there should not be people brought into this country that are just going to automatically suck off of the tit of the government.  I apologize for the image.

In 2012 it was shown that half of those that are immigrating to our beloved country participate in at least one welfare program and some 30% of our native citizens do the same.  Our economic situation has no room to continue to the full on support of so many. Welfare has become a crutch and a way of life for far too many.  Welfare is not a method of employment, but should only be utilized to help those that are in temporary need and to aid them in getting back on their feet.  Much of this should be left up to local communities, churches, and other non-profit organizations.  Such a practice would have to depend on the morality of the citizens in America and if that morality is shifted to where this could not come to pass then our country is in dire straights and nose diving to oblivion.

I am in great favor of immigration done legally and we need those from other countries to come here to live their dream and to contribute not only to our economy, but to our culture and to our society.  That does not mean that assimilation should not be necessary, but in fact they should be assimilated in and should embrace the American values and traditions that make this country the great place that it is.  One interesting thing of note would be to consider those that are born into this country and live here since birth, but that do nothing to contribute to the its well being or to the well being of those that are around them.  There are plenty of those that immigrate to our country that contribute and help in a way that they could not even begin to emulate.  It is interesting that such people born here only have the right to be here by their birth.

They did not choose to be here, but they are able to claim that they are an American simply by a choice that they did not make, but then their actions show that they are in no way American because they only feed off of the labors and work of others.  I would gladly want them to be replaced with those immigrants that will come here and actually contribute.  Now this would not be ethical.  We could not simply take those that are not profitable to society or to the economy and then trade them out to another country.  There could really be not true litmus test to determine who is profitable and who is not.  If America were treated like a private enterprise though then this would be the case.  If a business has an employee that does not work then they are gone.  If an athlete in the NFL hits the point to where they can no long contribute then they are cut from the team and must go elsewhere.

There are many that are in the country that do have bad luck and they have been plagued by life and therefore they are in a rut and need a helping hand.  On the other hand there are those that are lazy and inclined to be so and do not seek to reform themselves in any way.  The government has done them a disservice by providing so much for them that they can no longer fathom hard work, but they must take responsibility for it as well.  Immigration is a social and an economic issue and it really is a black and white concept.  We have a system here in America, that if it were to continue to be successful, that must be operated by those that are wanting to help and wanting to give their all to the cause and those are initially the ones that we should have heading the ship.