I am a big fan of entertainment.  I love to watch TV, movies, and other forms of art that are produced for the visual.  It is breath taking and inspiring to view the art that others produce.  It inspires me and creates a passion within me to go and do what I love.   Now not all programming does that and there is plenty out there that only dulls the senses and cuts the soul further down to a heap of nothingness, but I have found that the way that entertainment and the media is consumed is changing and I have been participating fully in the change.  Media outlets such as Youtube and other streaming outlets are able to give us the material that we need and not waste our time getting it.

Two major shows that are on right now are the perfect example of this change.  They, oddly enough, have “American” in their title.  They are American Ninja Warrior and America’s Got Talent.  These shows are devised to show the true potential of everyday American’s and to inspire others to follow suit in their own endeavors and dreams.  I have been the recipient of such inspiration and motivation.  Seeing what Jessie Graff does is purely amazing and seeing the different acts on AGT stuns me to the core.  I tune in and I assume others do to see what amazing acts will be next and to follow our favorite performers and ninja from round to round.  Between the acts and ninja runs are countless minutes of review, preview, and exposition and many times this gets in the way as you are waiting for the next performance.  Well wait no longer.

This season instead of tuning in for an hour each night I have simply gone on Youtube and have seen the most popular AGT acts and the most fascinating and powered ninja runs.  There are clips of these on Youtube and they appear almost instantly and I receive the same amount of inspiration and satisfaction watching them in that mode that I would if I were to watch the whole show and I can do it any time that I please and I save so much more time.  This to me is going to be the future of TV and Netflix already has capitalized on this movement by releasing every episode of a new season of their original programming.  The highly anticipated Netflix show, The Defenders, comes out in a couple weeks and I’ll be able to binge all the episodes and not have to wait until the next week to view what happens.  This will become the new norm.

How disappointing it is to watch a show like the Bachelor that ends on such a cliff hanger and then have to wait a whole week to see what happened with that fight or with that rose ceremony?  I feel that there will be enough people that sick of this charade.  I know that they use it as a tool to get the people to come back, but those same people would watch it even more readily if they were to have it instant.  Man do they like to drag things on and on though.  Reality shows are a bit tricky because of they way that they are filmed, but as time goes on and cable becomes less of the demand then instant programming will be the norm of the future. It is but a reflection of our society and culture.  We are becoming more accustomed to getting what we want as quickly as we ever have in the past and TV and entertainment are our next victims.