History is an absolute necessity when it comes to studying so that we might be able to review the wrongs and the rights of the past and then make those truths applicable to our day.  Slavery is a practice that has existed in the world for thousands of years.  It has even found its presence in America.  The country that purported that all men are created free and should be given the same opportunity and treated as equals.  The founding of this nation found itself in opposition to this principle in many ways and in many ways has reformed itself to a greater and higher way of living.  When we think upon slavery we think about the maltreatment that blacks went through and the torturous way of live that they had to endure.  Slavery comes in many forms and just because that form of slavery was abolished does not mean that it has gone away in its entirety.

Slavery is as abundant in the world as it has ever been.  Slavery is a business that is progressing daily and many are sold to serve others in ways that are deviant and evil.  Human trafficking is a global threat and because we don’t see it with our own eyes we may not consider it a problem.  There are estimated to be almost 30,000,000 people in the slave trade that exist globally.  Even in America it is reported that there are some 60,000 people that are under the bonds of slavery.  That number is small when compared to the world at large, but still so damning in its significance that it cannot be ignored.

This writing is to be used as way of motivation and to bring the matter to light so that we might all bound together and do something about it.  There are national and local programs and organizations that are confronting and battling this evil on a daily basis. There are many people that question themselves on the matter of slavery and may ask what they would have done if they were alive before or after the Civil War.  Would you have sided with the slaves and defended their injustices or would you have stood idly by why they were put to task by ant patriotic sentiments?  That question is asked and can be answered in our day for slavery is just as relevant now then it has ever been and there are plentiful opportunities to combat this tirade.

Women, children, and man are being kidnapped or coerced into slavery and in satisfying the wants and desires of others.  Sex trafficking is among these horrors and people are being forced into this at a very young age.  All that live should have the expectation that this evil would not befall them, but yet it does.  No one person under the sun should have to be subjected to this horror, this violence, and this lowest level of human indecency. May we as liberty aspiring people lend the hand to those that have not tasted the sweet fruits of freedom and bring them home.  This is a call to action.  This is a call to be an American!