Well the answer is no and so concludes the article right?  Well I’ll expound just a tad.  First there is never a company or a private organization that is too big to fail.  It is hard to view some companies as being in that kind of consideration, but one must play somewhat of a seer and to view events that have yet to unfold in order to see it more clearly.  I had a conversation when I was younger with my grandma about Wal-Mart and she simply made the comment that if Wal-Mart were to basically go belly up that we would all be in trouble.  I acquiesced with the sentiment, but now looking upon the scenario, while there might be some temporary economic and personal damage, all would eventually be made right within the realm of a free market economy.

You see an economy operates with its limits.  There is not an unlimited amount of resources at the disposal of the heads of business within the framework of an economy and so it is up to them to best utilize those resources to the best of their ability so that they might profit the most.  Such resources include materials for infrastructure, man power, money, etc.  When a company misuses their resources then their operation is under threat of digression or extinction.  In the context of news media organizations this holds true as well.

Fox News is as big as they come.  They have dominated cable news for the past couple of decades and especially when it comes to prime time.  Only recently did MSNBC knock them off the prime time slot competition, which they relinquished back shortly after.  Overall nobody gets more viewers than Fox News does.  They have had their mix ups as of late and their own areas of tumult.  They have lost a couple of heavy hitters in Megan Kelly and Bill O’ Reilly, the latter being the biggest and baddest of what Fox has to offer. While I do not enjoy delving in the pool of speculation there have been rumors as of late that Bill O’Reilly, who has new and upcoming projects, has reached out the Sean Hannity to join him in his efforts.  Thus the question was originally born, can Fox News fail?  They sure can and if they were to go the way of midstream Republican and start to have programming that does not readily advocate for full conservative policies, which they do now to an extent, then it might be best if they do fail and someone else takes over.

The notion might strike fear in the hearts of Republican voters.  If Fox were to go then there would be no conservative voice.  As mentioned before there would be no worry to be had for all of the resources that were being utilized at Fox would go elsewhere and the market would have spoken.  If Fox loses viewership because the market does not enjoy the product that they illicit then that same market would demand another service to their liking and thus those limited resources would be found in other sectors of the economy.  All in all I feel it would be a good thing actually.  The market has shown, with the election of Trump, that they do not enjoy big government, crony politicians, and the like and so a new source of information that expounds on those needs fully is needed indeed at this time and such a fall would catapult the thought to reality.

Businesses come and go and especially those that do not keep up with the change in times are the ones to get lost the quickest.  I’m talking to you Blockbuster.  It is alright to trust the market and it is our duty to make sure that said market is guided by a moral compass.  Fox is not to big to fail and the calamity that ensues after such a failing could actually be beneficial.  There are so many news sources that are available to our society that deliver better quality programming and information than this news giant, but they are kept from the eyes of so many viewers because they are caught up in the Medusa like gaze that Fox has over them.  Seek them out and you shall find.