With the advent of the internet death threats have become a normal everyday thing.  Mainly the reason being that people can literally promise that they are going to take away someone’s life and then there are no repercussions for doing so.  It’s become the norm and it is so normalized now that it has even reached public discourse, if you want to even label it as discourse.  A recent example is that of Jonny Depp and how he joked about taking his life.  I could stoop low like Trump and just label him as washed up and a failed actor, but that would not do anything.  I must point out that Trump uses that tactic so often.  It’s literally his “Trump Card.”  Puns are cool!  If somebody attacks him then he literally just calls them a failure and labels them at not good at what they do and why that might be the case for some people it is not a blanket retort that fits all molds and characters.  Others in the media are playing copycat and following suit such as Sean Hannity, who the other day called the New York Times a “failing news magazine.”  The student has become the master.

I get back to my original point about death and the wasting of human life.  Another example has come to the forefront when professor Kevin Allred tweeted out that he wishes “someone would just shoot” Trump.  This is the same professor whose claim to fame is the teaching of a college course entitled, “Politicizing Beyonce.”  So with this commonality I feel that there should be some concern.  The concern not only stems from people wanting others dead, which is tragic, but also there is the concern that people have not reached maturity and that they do not know how to compromise, negotiate, or work well with others and these are the same people that are instructing the youth of America and are aggrandized as being the epitome of culture in our day.

I hark on maturity because they have none.  I’m working on mine as well.  My four children, who are all under the age of ten are working on learning this lesson as well. When a child does not get their way they play on their primitive instincts and they hit, kick, or bite.  That is their only defense and that defense sadly is physical force.  They are not capable of coming to a proper conclusion or resolution with another human being and so they feel that they must now hurt them.  I feel that many in the political arena, and those outside of it that still participate in it, never learned otherwise while growing up and they feel that they still need to depend on brute force to win the argument.  The ability to pull a trigger and to eliminate the opposition does not make your point concrete, but rather inhibits it from being taken seriously.

Those who threaten with physical power are weak emotionally and mentally.  They have no other resolve and that is a sad state.  There will always be idle threats and those that are real, but let us work on members of our society and ourselves as well and become better at discourse and debate.  All should learn their positions and how to defend them and not have to depend on fist or the minds and mouths of others to defend their point.  We are better than that, well at least I pray that we can be anyways.  There is no room for child like behavior in our day for there are too many dire circumstances to contend with and only a united front of compromise, negotiation, and respect will win the day.