When I first registered to vote I did so claiming that I was a part of the Republican Party.  I did so primarily out of allegiance to my parent’s party.  I did believe in smaller government and thought that the Republicans were the party that believed the same. Time would prove me wrong.  That is not a defense of the Democrats either, for they are even worse.  A couple of years later I would find myself sitting across from a friend at work who had found, through my admission, that I was a Republican.  He went on to excoriate George Bush, who was then president, and all the evil that he had done.  I was not very informed on the material that he was spewing and could do little to defend myself.  I was a little troubled with my lack of knowledge, but looking back I find that I am more troubled with the emotions that were warring within me.  I can distinctly recall feeling the need to defend Bush on every accusation that was being railed against him and to do so out of allegiance.  That to me is a troubling and dangerous way to feel.

It’s troubling because it made me blind to truth and unwilling to maintain an open mind. No matter what the accusation was I felt that it was my duty as a Republican to defend him, even if in theory it was something wrong that he had done.  I was blind and not willing to look beyond my own party allegiance and see that he had done plenty to grow the size of government.  Now I am not party affiliated and I feel as free as ever.  I am not burdened by the need to defend those leaders in any party, but can aptly call them out whenever they extend a measure that inhibits our freedoms and grows the size and scope of government and dang does it feel incredible.

With the recent election I see that there are far too many people that align themselves with a party or with a person and therefore they have to defend them on all fronts, no matter the situation.  How much better is it to vote and to have political discussions based on principles rather than people?  This also creates blowback to where all the news media is covering are stories about people instead of truths, legislation, and true government agendas.  The news cycle consistently promotes and celebrates people or demolishes their character.  Where is the cream filling?  Where are the matters that really are important.

All people under the sun are imperfect and they are bound to make mistakes.  Heck in their leadership roles they are going to do that which they later will regret.  We simply get caught up in the trap of feeling obligated to having to defend these people and their mistakes.  Donald Trump is not a perfect person.  Spoiler Alert.  He has made mistakes and will continue to do so.  Please do not feel obligated to defend him when he does wrong.  If Hilary Clinton were president the same would be true for her, and even much more so.  We are not going to get anywhere as a country or progress beyond the constant stalemates of our day if we never focus on issues and truths rather than people.

Also we create, with this obsession of people, are god like figures that we look to as saviors, deliverers, and conquerers.  Sure there are those that do a great deal for society and that bring great change to this world, but when we put people above principle then we begin a decline that steers away from a Republic.  I hail the working of those that have gone before us and those that founded this great country, but they were imperfect as well and they have done wrong with government and other societal issues.  We see many coming under attack today and we need to feel the need to defend them because of their greatness and the stature that we have endowed them with.  We can celebrate their good, but also acknowledge the bad.  Their statues are under threat of removal and the many memorials they have left on our society.  They are  threatened due to that which we do not see as pleasing, but that altogether distracts us from the good that they have done.

Let us not be caught in the mire of servitude to individuals and leaders.  Let us be free thinkers and challengers of those that have been elected.  They are not over us, but serve with us and are no greater because of their ability to garner more votes than their competitors.  All in all God is the greatest good and the possessor of all things plentiful and righteous.  We may turn our gaze to Him and the standards that He has set and then side with those that declare and live the same.  Otherwise we will worship false gods, defend the ignorant, and cause a scene of distraction from that which is of the greatest import.